Drupal is more than just a project—it's a worldwide brand, and we're lucky to have an engaged community to help foster and grow the Drupal brand through professional and impactful marketing content.?

This is where that content is built—and you can help!?

Promote Drupal Initiative has one main purpose: to create?business marketing?materials targeted to the?decision makers?who choose to adopt Drupal for their business.

What we do

The Promote Drupal Initiative creates brand standardized marketing materials that anyone in the Drupal community can use to help sell their Drupal services to potential clients, or to help promote the Drupal brand around the world. Our goal is to help grow Drupal adoption, and to ensure we enter the market with consistent messaging, look, and feel.

Who we are

We are a group of dedicated volunteers from around the world—marketers, writers, designers, creatives, communicators and business people —who are giving back to the Drupal community and project by dedicating time toward?creating high-quality marketing content to help grow Drupal adoption. We are business storytellers, capturing the value of Drupal in words, design, and video—which is shared with the public.?

How to get involved?

It's easy; show up to one of our marketing meetings and join in through our Trello project management board. We are open, inclusive and value ideas.?You can contribute as a project lead, writer, designer, videographer, communicator or other marketing role.?

Once you've joined us on Trello and in Drupal slack #promotedrupal, watch this short video to walk through the basics of how to use our Trello project board.?

When and how do we meet?

Every 4 weeks on Tuesday, 6 a.m. Pacific (UTC -6).
Every 4 weeks on Thursday, 9 a.m. Pacific (UTC -6).

Resulting in a meeting every 2 weeks at staggered starting times.

We meet in Zoom.?

Sign up here to receive communications and updates, and to receive an invitation to our meetings through out Slack channel. If you previously signed up to volunteer through the Promote Drupal funding page - these?feed?to the same list, so we already have your name.

A big thanks

Thank you to the WordPress team who shared their collaborative marketing process with us, and encouraged us to use the pieces that cross over well with our goals. Their support and ideas have inspired this process.?

An update

As of summer 2019, we're in a holding pattern; read the status update in this?
blog post.?