Drupal 7

All Drupal 7 documentation.

Understanding Drupal

This guide gives you a big picture overview of Drupal concepts, helping you to understand the framework behind Drupal.

System requirements

Detailed system requirements for a Drupal 7 installation.

Installing Drupal 7

How to install Drupal 7.

Updating Drupal 7

How to update your Drupal 7 site

Administering Drupal 7 site

Administering Drupal 7 site

Contributed modules

Documentation for contributed modules for Drupal 7.

Theming Drupal 7

Theming guide for Drupal 7.

Extending Drupal 7

Extend your Drupal 7 site's functionality with contributed modules, or alter its appearance with contributed themes.

Multilingual guide

Multilingual guide for Drupal 7.

Multisite Drupal 7

Drupal can serve many sites from a single codebase.

Choosing a Drupal version

This guide explains Drupal’s version numbering scheme for both Drupal core and contributed modules.

Upgrade to Drupal 7

Upgrade to Drupal 7 from previous major versions of Drupal.

Setting up cron

Setting up cron for Drupal 7

Configuring clean URLs

The guidelines for clean URLs

Migrating to Drupal 7

Migrating to Drupal

Security in Drupal 7

Securing Drupal 7 site

Backing up and migrating a site

Backing up and migrating a site (for example, from one host to another).

Managing site performance and scalability

Managing site performance requires a mix of code optimisation, configuration, and server tuning.

Managing users

How to add and remove Drupal users and manage other user related functionality like roles, permissions, and fields.

Monitoring a site

Monitoring a site

Nodes, content types and fields

Nodes, content types and fields

Organizing content with taxonomy

Organizing content with taxonomy

Site building best practices

Site building best practices


Accessibility tools and best practices

Guidelines for SQL

These guidelines provide some tips for writing efficient SQL code. Guidelines apply to MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Mobile guide

Mobile guide for Drupal 7.

Working with menus

Managing Drupal menus, menu links, and custom menu settings and options.

Creating custom modules

Module developer's guide for Drupal 7.

Contributed themes

Documentation for Drupal 7 contributed themes.

Converting Drupal 6 modules to Drupal 7

Converting Drupal 6 modules to Drupal 7.

Creating distributions

Developing installation profiles and distributions for Drupal 7.


Documentation for various Drupal 7 distributions.

Drupal 7 APIs

How to use built-in Drupal core APIs like caching, javascript, entity, form as well as others.


Drupal 7 core structure and components.


Site building and development HowTos for Drupal 7.


The testing framework in Drupal 7 (Testing module, previously SimpleTest).

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