Getting Started

Do you want click through a Drupal demo site?

You can?Try Drupal online with one of our hosting partners or create a Drupal demo site on your local machine.

Are you ready to start building your own Drupal site??

Read the Local Development Guide to create and install a new Drupal application on your local machine for the purpose of development. After it's up and running, read the Drupal 8 User Guide to begin basic configuration.

Official Guides

Official guides are governed by maintainers and held to an established standard through an editorial process.

Drupal 8 User Guide

Written expressly for people with minimal knowledge of the Drupal content management system.

Evaluator Guide

Learn how to quickly create a temporary Drupal 8 demo application on your local machine.

Local Development Guide

Learn how to creating and installing a new Drupal application on your local machine for the purpose of development.

Community Guides

Community documentation can be freely edited by any member of the Drupal community. It is not subject to any formal editorial process.

Drupal 8 Guide

A catch-all guide for Drupal 8.

Developer Guide

Documentation for developers about tools, processes, and standards that are not specific to a major version of Drupal.

Drupal 8 APIs Guide

The Drupal 8 APIs Guide provides a general overview of each of Drupal 8's core APIs.

API Reference

Drupal 8 API Reference

API Reference documentation is automatically generated using Drupal core's code (e.g., using docblocks and annotations). Documentation

Looking for documentation about itself, rather than Drupal the software? Find it here.


Read the contribution guidelines and consider joining the documentation initiative.

Drupal books

There are many useful books about Drupal. Here are just a few of our recommendations:

Drupal 6 - Creating Powerful Websites Drupal 7 Themes Pro Drupal development book by John VanDyk