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Migrating 20 club sites onto a single Drupal site was no small task. Major League Soccer needed highly sophisticated customization options based on each team’s design, content priorities, and site maintainers’ capabilities.

Working closely with the engineering and design teams at Pinterest, Phase2 architected a Drupal 8 system to elevate their global brand and drive growth via a new suite of marketing, business, and community sites.

This group had the goal of creating a digital platform that was cost-effective, yet provided the best possible customer experience. For YMCAs with smaller digital budgets or teams, this allows any association to have a top-tier website for little investment, and YMCAs with larger digital budgets were able to innovate and expand, thus, Drupal 8 built a better platform for everyone.

Drupal 8 Healthcare Innovator Healthcare systems are finding that their audience is demanding a streamlined digital experience.

After seven years of duty as a top rated University site in Times Education Supplement survey, University of Oxford's Drupal site was revitalised for a more digitally advanced generation of visitors.

Seen and Heard

The Drupal community announces an update to Drupal 8. This new version is a leap forward in the Drupal content manager experience, and also provides the JSON:API for reading and modifying resources. In addition, it meets web content accessibility guidelines.

Welcome new board members: Grace Francisco, Lo Li, Owen Lansbury, Ryan Szrama and Leslie Glynn (elected for the community-at-large seat).
“We're excited to have these amazing individuals join us in our efforts to broaden our reach into diverse communities and to grow Drupal adoption,” said Board Chair Adam Goodman.

I’ve spoken about challenges Open Source communities like?Drupal?often have with?increasing contributor diversity.
One way to step up is to help more people from underrepresented groups speak at Drupal conferences and workshops. The Drupal Diversity and Inclusion group is hosting events aiming to do just that.

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