The Promote Drupal Initiative is your opportunity to make Drupal - and your business - known and loved by?new decision makers. Donate to the Promote Drupal Fund today. Help us help you grow your business.

Together, let's show the world just how amazing Drupal is for organizations.?

DrupalCon Baltimore Group Photo - Michael Cannon

$100,000 - the Promote Drupal Fund

We need your support now to get started.

To launch?the?Promote Drupal Initiative, the right resources need to be in?place so we make a sustainable impact, together. $100,000 will support:?

  • Staff to coordinate volunteer work?
  • Marketing sprints?
  • Resource support

If we all give a little, we can make a big impact promoting Drupal.?

Apply to join the?Promote Drupal Initiative

The community has spoken and we want to help you realize your ideas to?accelerate the demand for Drupal. To help with this initiative, please visit the Promote Drupal initiative page.

About the Promote Drupal Initiative

This volunteer-based initiative will globally orchestrate?a compelling and consistent message into the marketplace, helping?business decision makers and influencers fall in love with Drupal. We will empower?agencies, local Drupal Associations,, and other channels with the marketing and evaluator resources needed to promote Drupal and help organizations quickly see why Drupal is the right choice for them.?

This initiative has four phases:

  • Phase 1:?Update?Drupal's brand and strategic messaging to?connect?with new?decision makers and influencers
  • Phase 2: Provide sales and marketing materials that everyone can use (and translate!)
  • Phase 3: Coordinate PR campaigns
  • Phase 4: Create "marketing campaigns in a box" to support localized ad and industry event marketing

This fundraising campaign will support Phase 1 & 2.

Flickr photo: DrupalCon Baltimore photo by Michael Cannon

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