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Search the site, at the top of the page, first to see if your question has already been asked and answered.
Post to ask questions, or answer questions posted by other Drupal community members.
Community Documentation
Read the online documentation, which is written and maintained by the Drupal community.
Slack and IRC online chat
Chat with the Drupal community to get fast, effective support.
Drupal Answers on Stack Exchange
Ask and answer questions about Drupal on the on Stack Exchange platform.
Drupal Core Issue Queue
To get support for a core bug, see the core issue queue, but be sure to search for any relevant existing issues before creating a new one.
Project Issue Queues
To get support with a specific project on, find the module, theme, or distribution, search the project's issue queue, and either follow the relevant issue or create a new issue if you don't find one.
Other languages
Find a language-specific community for a non-English language, and learn how to install Drupal in your language.
Find books about Drupal.
Professional services
Locate individuals and organizations providing Drupal-related professional services including installation, design, hosting, module development, site building, and support.
Drupal training
Find organizations that provide Drupal training services.

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The links below are for reporting problems with itself, and not the sites you build or maintain. For your own sites use the resources listed in the left column.
Reporting spam
Did you find spam in a comment or page? Confirmed users can flag nodes, comments, or users as spam. This will automatically notify webmasters, who will review the node and determine whether to remove it or not.
Having your post detected as spam
This site also uses an automatic spam filter that instantly unpublishes nodes and comments without reporting to the webmasters. If this happens to you, and you're sure you are not posting spam, you need to request a manual review to get your post published. content issues
Can the content on be improved? Log in and edit the content yourself, or update the page status. If you have a concern about the Drupal documentation you can report an issue to the Documentation queue.
Site functionality issues
Is having a problem other than site content or spam?
Report an issue to the Webmaster team.
If you cannot login to your account
If you are able to login to, support requests should go into the issue queue. For the times when you cannot login to your account, there is [email protected] for support requests.